About the PAC

The Friends of Community Oncology PAC (FCO PAC) represents community oncology professionals across the nation who are devoted to growing our bipartisan influence in Washington, DC.

With our patients and practices feeling the unintended consequences of legislation and regulatory reform, the PAC allows us to pool our resources and raise the political awareness of community oncology while having a tangible impact on the political process.

Funded solely by supporters of community oncology, FCO PAC is entirely bipartisan, supports the campaigns of our congressional champions, and gives these lawmakers essential visibility to our issues. FCO PAC is the most effective and transparent way of establishing long-lasting relationships with lawmakers on behalf of our industry while also supporting our allies in Congress.

Join us today to stay informed and to fight for our patients and practices to shed the burdens of consequential legislation passed in Congress.

FCO PAC Board of Directors

  • Ted Okon, Chair
  • Jeffrey Vacirca, MD, FACP, Vice Chair
  • Ricky Newton, Treasurer
  • Michael Diaz, MD, Assistant Treasurer
  • Nicolas Ferreyros, Secretary

FCO PAC Administrative Staff

  • Deandra Dickson, Administrative Assistant